Courses Taught

by Professor Zheng

ME 4644/5644: Rapid Prototyping (Additive Manufacturing)

Being offered in Spring 2018 and Spring 2019 In this senior and graduate level course, students will learn the engineering principles, process fundamentals and frontiers of a variety of 3D printing technologies and their applications to transforming the rapid prototyping to the paradigm of Additive Manufacturing (AM) for creating functional parts, materials and assembly. In addition to gaining theoretical and hands-on access to AM technologies, students will apply their learning through class hands-on projects wherein they will design novel product and materials via AM, explore new AM opportunities, as well as design new AM processes and manufacturing strategies for novel materials.

ME 2024: Engineering Design and Economics

Courtsey image from Aftershokz. Inc This course is designed for students to gain hands-on experience with physical product design and development. Students learn the whole process from idea generation to product development as well as engineering economics through in-class activities and a semester-long design project. Throughout the course, students are also exposed to concepts such as design for manufacturing, product architecture, quality functional deployment, intellectual property and engineering ethics. The design project tasks student teams with the design of a novel consumer product. The project results in a design report, final presentation, and a production ready model of the product. The model deemed best by peer-review is created by the 3D printing machines located in Professor Zheng's laboratory located at Corporate Research Center. Courtsey image from Aftershokz. Inc