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Recent News

Feb 2023 Welcome Marco Maurizi, Ph.D..! Marco joined our group as a postdoc scholar. Marco completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from  Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Jan 2023 Welcome Yang Xu, Ph.D.! Yang joined our group as a postdoc scholar. Yang completed his Ph.D. from Prof. Yong Chen's group from University of Southern California. 

Sept 2022  We are recruiting at UC Berkeley ! 

July 2022 Check LA Times featuring our search !

Sept 2021 [Member] Welcome new lab member Victor and David! 

Aug 2021 [Award] We received a prestigious award from NSF DMREF (Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer our Future (DMREF). Rayne will lead the research with co-PI Professor Mathieu Bauchy,  Profs. Wei Wang and Yizhou Sun from the CS department at UCLA. 

June 2021 Rayne Zheng has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. 

May 2021 [member] Congratulations to Ryan Hensleigh for passing his Ph.D. Defense. Ryan will join Naval Research Laboratory in June. 

April 2021 [member] Welcome new lab member Zhen Wang 

April 2021 [Award] Congratulations to our group on receiving a prestigious DARPA Director's Fellowship Award!


Feb 2021 [Award] Congratulations to our group on receiving the prestigious NSF CAREER Award! 

Feb 2021 [Member] Welcome Zachary Wong and congratulations on being accepted into the accelerated ME program. 

Oct 2020 Member] Congratulations to Huachen Cui for passing the Ph.D. defense! 

May 2020 [Publications] H. Cui, R. Hensleigh and Z. Xu published an article in the journal Science. 

April 2020 [Publications] R. Hensleigh published a paper on Nature Electronics. 

Dec 2019 [Award] Our group will team up with HRL Laboratory on Curved Infrared Imagers DARPA Microsystems Technology Office. 

Dec 2019 Congratulations to Ryan Hensleigh, Huachen Cui and Desheng Yao on passing the Ph.D. Prospectus Exam!

Nov 2019 [Talk] Rayne gave an invited presentation on Additive Manufacturing at the Topology Optimization Workshop at the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine 

Nov 2019 [Member] Welcome new group member, Wentao Chen as a new Ph.D. student. 

Oct 2019 [Talk] Rayne gave an invited presentation at the Rapid Prototyping Workshop in Lincoln Lab, MA.   


Sept 2019 [Award] Desheng Yao won the First Place Award at the Graduate Student Poster Competition at the 2019 MS&T Meeting, Portland, Oregon. Congratulations! 

June 2019 [Award] Rayne received a prestigious award Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Excellence (FAME) Award: International Outstanding Young Researcher in Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Award. 

June 2019 [Publication] Huachen published a new paper on Applied Physics Letters. Congratulations!

June 2019 [Talk] Dr. Zheng gave a keynote presentation at Computational Fabrication Symposium at Carnegie Mellon University

June 2019 [Members] Welcome new team members, Michael Hemminger and Dominic LoPinto !

May 2019 [Talk] Dr. Zheng gave a keynote presentation at American Society of Acoustics in Louisville, Kentucky 

Mar 2019 [Award] Dr. Zheng received a prestigious 3M NTFA Faculty Award. 


Mar 2019 [Award] Our group has received a Prestigious DARPA Young Faculty Award. Congratulations!


Feb 2019 [Award] Our group has received the JMR Paper of the Year Award. Congratulations to Huachen and Ryan !

Jan 2019 [Publication] Congratulations on Huachen's new paper on Nature Materials! Three-dimensional Printing of Piezoelectric Materials with Designed Anisotropy and Directional Response. Congratulations to Ryan, Desheng and all colleagues!

Dec 2018 [Award] Our group has received a prestigious Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award. Congrats!


Nov 2018 [Award] Our group, with colleagues from MSE, ChemE and ISE,  have received a prestigious grant from Department of Education. The grant will support GAANNS Fellowships for exceptional incoming Ph.D students: Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program. Congratulations! 

Nov 2018 [Publication] Ryan and colleagues'  article on 3D graphene lattice is selected to be featured on the Cover of Material Horizon. Check the image here

Oct 2018  Chansoo Ha joins our group as a Postdoctoral Researcher from University of Wisconsin, Madison. Welcome Chansoo! 

Sept 2018 [Conference] Rayne gave a Keynote Talk at the MSE (Material Science and Engineering) Congress in Darmstadt,Germany. 

Sept 2018 [Conference] Huachen Cui presented at the IUTAM Symposium on Architectured Material Mechanics; Well done, Huachen!

Sept 2018 [Grant] ICTAS REU Award. Congratulations! 

Sept 2018 [Conference] Rayne gave an Keynote Talk at ASME SMASIS Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive
Structures and Intelligent Systems, San Antonio, Texas. 

Aug 2018 Zhenpeng Xu and Daniel Elkins join our group as new Ph.D students. Welcome!

Aug 2018 [Publication] Ryan and Huachen's work on Additive Manufacturing of 3D Micro-Architected Graphene is published on Materials Horizons.  

VT Front Page News, LLNL Front Page NewsScience Daily, 3D Printing Industry News, 

June 2018 [Conference] Rayne gave an Keynote talk at the 35th International Conference on Photopolymer Science and Technology, Chiba, Japan 

June 2018 [Publication] Da Chen published a paper on Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing of Metamaterials with Giant, Negative Poissons' Ratios. Congratulations!  

May 2018  [Grant] Our group receives a grant to study tailorable architected materials from the Office of Naval Research. Congratulations! 

April 2018  [Conference] Invited Talk at TMS Annual Meeting 

Nov 2017 [Award] Our group receives the prestigious Young Investigator Award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Congratulations to all group members!

Aug 2017 [Award] Huachen received a NSF Graduate Student Travel Award. 

July 2017 [Conference] Rayne gave an invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Nanomechanics, Hongkong, China. 

July 2017 [Conference] Huachen presented at the Society of Engineering Science, Boston, MA. 

April 2017 [Award] Our group receives a prestigious ICTAS Young Faculty Award. Congratulations to all group members!


Dr. Xiaoyu “Rayne” Zheng — lead author of the Science article — studies a macroscale version of the unit cell, which constitutes the ultralight, ultrastiff material.  (Photo by Julie Russell/LLNL)

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